Near Infrared Sauna Therapy

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Detox Toxic Metals, Chemicals, and Radiation

-lower inflammation

-an anti-aging therapy

-adds energy to the body for healing

-no depleting super high temperatures or steam

-safe for 20 minutes daily use for everyone

-helps acute as well as chronic infections; helps bring chronic infections to the surface to be healed

-activates and decongests the skin for increased skin appearance and function

-relieves congestion in internal organs

-inhibits the sympathetic nervous system: your fight or flight (stress) system

-strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system: your ability to relax

-produces “heat shock proteins” to stimulate the immune system and repair damaged cells

-get the benefits of exercise (oxygenation, circulation) without exertion or wear on the body

-anti-aging & decongesting for your skin, your largest detox organ

-cleanses the body from the inside with sweating

-color therapy to specifically calm and detox your vital organs

-increase nitric oxide, the power healer, in your cells

Saunas and light panels available for purchase for your own home.

Bookings for sauna sessions will be available at the studio.

Call us for more info: 360-878-2000