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Workshop with Randy Cramer: The laws of Psionics, Psionic self defense and military psionic protocols.

  • Fire Within Yoga Studio 201 E Yelm Ave, third floor Yelm, WA (map)

Psionics from the Greek, Psi, "the mind" and the suffix"-onics", meaning "waves".  Literally, your mind waves.

This 2 day class, taught by Capt Randy Cramer, USMCss is an intensive study of psionics, the laws that govern them and how they are practiced and mastered.  We will be discussing the Physical Laws that govern Psionics, as well as the impact of brainwave patterns and the discussion of brainwave mastery and techniques of harmonizing your brainwave patterns. We will also discuss various principles that govern the use of Psionics and some techniques for protecting the mind and body, discussion on meditation and various techniques and some specific tools for harnessing ones maximum potential as a human being.