Public Class Schedule & Descriptions


Fire Within Yoga Core class with Jessica Whitney in Yelm, WA

CORE Class

An evolution of a classic Hatha-Yoga sequence in a warm room.  Boost your circulation, reclaim your balance, and get grounded.  Special attention is given to muscle strengthening, followed by immediate and deep relaxation.  You will be guided with diaphragmatic breathing to keep you from stressing your body. Learn how to utilize your core while you safely hold the postures without overexertion.  Modifications are provided for every body. 

It's time to get present.


Join us when you’re ready to relieve tension in your neck, shoulders, and upper back. We’ll use carefully curated yoga postures, a small Yoga Ball, and diaphragmatic breathing. We will focus on correcting the “forward-head-posture” habit, which most of us have in our modern life. Experience more openness in your chest and length in your neck. Turn off the stress response and restore your relaxation response with Restorative Yoga.

Fire Within Yoga Release class with Jessica Whitney in Yelm, WA


Join us when you’re ready to release tensions in your hips.  We use grounding Yin Yoga poses and special Yoga Balls to slowly roll along muscles like a self-massage.  Many moments we will simply be still, focus, and breathe into a stress point, as you allow your body to melt over the ball.  We will focus on safely bringing back or maintaining flexibility in the hips for ease of sitting and to support and strengthen your back.

Fire Within Yoga Slow Flow class with Jessica Whitney in Yelm, WA


Find your best range of motion and alignment in your joints, without seeking an ideal or trying too hard.  We focus on our feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and hands. I designed this class to help clear habitual tension patterns and to deepen your breathing naturally.  Experience specific joint movements that address exactly where you're tight.  We add foot reflexology and safe neck and spine twists to assist you to self-adjust.  

What people are saying about Jessica's classes:

"Jessica is amazing!!  She makes you feel welcome and comfortable!!  Even for a first timer!!" -Cynthia

"The yoga classes have helped me with my core strength and flexibility, and also relieved some arthritic pain from old injuries."  -Nick

"The atmosphere makes me feel comfortable, confident, and energized.  Such an amazing find in our small town!"  -Nichol

"These classes will benefit your mind, body and soul.  I am more centered and relaxed since I've been in Jessica's classes. Treat yourself."  -Shannon

"Love the gentle instruction and reminders for optimum results through out the class.  Certainly knows her stuff!!"  -Juli

"I know I was meant to attend these classes the moment I walked in!  The improvements to my rheumatoid arthritis are tremendous. I love it!"  -Helen

"I feel like it has helped me be emotionally stronger and all around more calm with a better outlook on things that are stressful in my life.  I wish I had started years earlier."  -Meri