Private Yoga Classes: A deeper support.

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Whether you're a beginner or have some yoga experience, a private class with Jessica can be a start of a more connected, insightful, and grounded relationship with your body. 

$75 for one hour Private Yoga Class

Call me to schedule your time!

I listen to your honest concerns regarding your body. 

This is a safe and compassionate time of allowing you to get real with what you want regarding your body posture, strength, and flexibility.  Many of us begin our interest in yoga because we are disconnected, stressed, stiff, and overwhelmed when it comes to supporting our body.  It can be a sensitive and vulnerable time of getting humbled with yourself and making a deep commitment to doing what you can to support your body going forward.  I know this, and I hear you.

I evaluate your posture and breathing habits.

I observe your habits of sitting and standing, and we'll make a plan to strengthen and relax core muscles so you can move, sit, and stand with more ease.  Often posture habits contribute to a lack of oxygenation and circulation to the brain and body.  I can support you to get you to a better way of standing, sitting, and breathing.  The basics that we overlook... but are so important!

I design and guide you through a sequence based exactly on what you need. 

I'll guide you how to move and breathe to replenish your energy and get grounded, so you leave refreshed, not depleted.  You'll get to know how to do a yoga pose if you're injured or have limited range of motion.  The first private yoga class can be a preparation for you before you join group public classes, or it can be a start of regular, weekly private yoga classes at a time and a pace that works for you.  

Often it's not until we get some one-on-one support with a private yoga class, do we realize how much we've pushed our body in the past, and how clear it gets that it's time for some deep healing and slowing down for repair.