Your Mineral Blueprint: Your Map to Wellness

Remineralize your body to get your energy back.


I offer Nutritional Balancing Programs based on your hair mineral analysis.  This is a step-by-step protocol set up for your individual biochemistry.  You'll know exactly what you need to do in order for a self-correction of metabolism.  The result of our work together is to create a lifestyle that allows you deep and permanent healing.

It's time to know where your body is really at.

Minerals are the sparkplugs of life.

Nutritional Balancing Science uses one of the most comprehensive and reliable health screening tests there is: a HAIR TISSUE MINERAL ANALYSIS.  We send it to an accredited lab and using accurate and reliable computer spectroscopy, we reveal a blueprint of your cellular biochemistry.  We see your oxidation rate, also known as your metabolism, 19 different minerals and toxic metals, key mineral ratios, and how your glands are handling your stress levels.  It's time for you to know what your cells are actually absorbing from what you eat.  This is crucial in determining which supplements and foods you need, that will provide you with the proper minerals for your health moving forward.

Random supplements and remedies may be making you worse.

Unknowingly taking the incorrect supplements can throw off your delicate and precise mineral ratios and oxidation rate.  This is a profound scientific concept whose time has come for you to know.  Unfortunately, this is not the way of many holistic and natural modalities.  For years I spent lots of time and money on countless different remedies.  Some of my symptoms went away, and some didn't, yet still I sought the next great quick-fix.  Until I found Nutritional Balancing.  Now I know, through periodic hair tests, which foods and supplements to give my body what it needs to move forward.  So will you.

Toxic metals cause aging and faulty gene expression. 

Toxic metals can hijack the life-giving minerals at critical enzyme sites, and thus prevent optimal health.  They throw off the mineral ratios, such as Copper and Zinc.  For example, Cadmium, one of the most toxic metals, replaces Zinc in enzyme sites, and hardens the body tissue and blocks proper brain function and development.  Iron, in a biounavailable form, robs Zinc and Copper sites in the body and brain, leading to rigidity and excess anger.  Toxic metals are associated with many symptoms and diseases.  So chasing symptoms with a remedy, even if the remedy is natural, is not going to be effective enough at detoxification, at the level required.  To get the level of health you want, you need a program that detoxifies these metals safely and effectively. 

Truly getting your energy back takes time.

You want deep healing, not just symptom removal.

While symptoms are useful as a guide, removing them is not the priority of a Nutritional Balancing program.  Correcting your underlying biochemistry and mineral ratios is the priority.  Once this happens, symptom removal occurs, often permanently, in the body's own time and order.  And when the body begins to accept the proper life-enhancing minerals that begin to take their proper place in your enzyme sites, and your glands begin to be re-nourished, a wonderful thing begins to happen.  We call it DEVELOPMENT.  It is a dawning of a greater mental capacity of the human being and of the brain.  It's a sense of profoundly moving forward in your life, as your vitality and energy capacity increase.  It happens naturally and is a deeper level of nourishment and self-understanding.  This is the ultimate goal of the Nutritional Balancing program.  

Why work with me.

I spent many years studying health and medicine, and I was a patient of dozens of doctors, both conventional and holistic.  I had a range of symptoms that I self-medicated with remedies, supplements, diets, and exercise programs.  None of it was truly effective, and I was at a breaking point with my health.  I wanted a longer-term plan that wasn't random.  I wanted to stop being drawn in to the latest health crazes on the internet.  I then found Nutritional Balancing Science, and I finally had a map that revealed where my body was really at.  I finally stopped chasing the next diet, the next exercise, the next remedy.  I got rid of the clutter in my lifestyle that was not what my body really wanted anyway.  I have been on my personal Nutritional Balancing Program for over two years now.  It works.

I studied the work of Dr. Paul Eck and Dr. Lawrence Wilson, of, who pioneered the field of the importance of minerals and refined this Science.  I have a degree in Nutritional Balancing Science through Westbrook University, so I am uniquely qualified to guide you through these important steps forward for your health and longevity.

Here's what to expect:

1. Let's get started.

The first consultation will be either over the phone or in person at my Yelm office.  We'll take a hair sample from the nape of your neck, and you'll fill out the paperwork for the lab.  I listen to your health goals and I'll answer your questions about what to expect. 

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2. Follow your mineral map.

The second consultation, about 2 weeks later, is when your lab test analysis arrives.  We'll go over your mineral ratios, levels, your oxidation rate, toxic metals, and how this correlates to your symptoms.  Getting feedback from Dr Lawrence Wilson, the director of this program, we'll set up a targeted and precise nutrition and supplement plan, so you can start to change your biochemistry.  We'll talk about retracing, and what happens when you start to get your energy back.  

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3. Experience real changes!  You have my ongoing support.

When you've spent some time following your program, now we discuss your priorities in moving forward.  We'll discuss powerful detox methods to accelerate your changes.  Remember, our goal is to build you a program that you can live with and you can stay on it with patience, persistence, and compassion for yourself.  After 4-5 months, you're ready for your next hair test, to see how you've biochemically changed, and how we can upgrade your program to move you forward.  You get unlimited email support from me.

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Our goals together: 

-restore your digestion and absorption so you utilize what you eat

-balance your metabolism so you have the ability to manage your stress response better

-nourish and rebuild your body so it has the vital energy to heal itself

-detox your brain of toxic metals that keep you from peak performance

-break through self-sabotage that holds you back from moving forward