Red Wave NIR Sauna

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Red Wave NIR Sauna


Our Near Infrared Sauna comes with a PVC pipe frame, a double layer of 10 oz. cotton canvas fabric and a removable wooden light panel. We include a digital thermometer, timer, four 250 Watt bulbs, and a wooden stool.

Three bulbs for your torso, thyroid, thymus, back, internal organs: Rotate every few minutes on the included stool for optimal positioning.

We are the only online sauna model that currently has a fourth bulb at the position of the lower legs and feet. This can assist with bringing energy downward to the feet, increasing grounding and calming. This bulb can be turned on or off, independently of the upper three bulbs.

Handmade by a husband and wife team in Rainier, WA.

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HOW TO USE: Assembly instructions and an Operations Manual in included in your Red Wave Sauna purchase.

Some overall guidelines:

The optimal detoxification temperature in a near infrared sauna is 110-115 degrees F. You can vent your sauna by opening the curtain a bit to bring in fresh air and to maintain an ideal temperature. Additionally, you can turn off the bottom red bulb for your feet. Using the included thermometer, you can be confident you are using your sauna safely and effectively.

MATERIALS: The light panel is a high-grade plywood hand sanded and coated with German Osmo Polyx oil derived from natural vegetable oils and waxes for a long-lasting and elegant clear finish. The PVC pipe enclosure is painted white with no-VOC paint. The 100% cotton canvas double covering is safely secured by Velcro. Any off-gassing will occur during the first couple of sauna sessions; you can pre-heat it for several minutes if you’d like. We decided to go with the sealed wood option and the PVC pipes, as we determined this is best for longevity and sanitation of the sauna.