Welcome to Advanced BioStructural Correction, the finest structural correction method available. Dr. Dirk Farrell, from Seattle, the only ABC practitioner in Washington state, has agreed to see clients in Yelm at the Fire Within Yoga Studio!

He will correct the bones in your body that are out of place that have been pushed forward, which, unknown to most of us, is a cause of most structural issues. This is a new paradigm in structural medicine and holistic health we are proud to bring to Yelm. The result is immediate change in your posture without muscular effort.

Jessica, owner of Fire Within Yoga, is trained to show you how to hold your correction for longer. She has the expertise and the products available for you to purchase to self-correct your habits of sitting, standing, and sleeping. Do not overlook these changes that need to be made if you are to speed up your unwinding and healing process.