Mind as matter.  emotional/psychological.  building blocks of life: minerals.  

make an online page for my NB clients for sources, supplements, etc.  private, unlisted, but easy address to remember.  

a lot of detox protocols are simply not powerful enough for today, and are not giving you what you need.  So declutter them from your life.

Morning joint pain and inflammation is a sign from the immune system of toxins and gastrointestinal dysbiosis.

The greater the level of inflammation in your digestive system, the greater the likelihood that your abdominal muscles will not respond to exercise.


A normal belly is no pain and no inflammation.  

Re-establish strength and tone of the abdominal wall to get rid of back pain and retrain the tone of the uterus and pelvic floor.  

Exercise will not work until you re-train the health and stability of the abdominal wall, and thus the spine. = flat  belly. Reprogram the core.

ND: discipline, challenge at first to change your self-care and eating habits.  But there will be one day where you'll gain so much momentum going forward in your changes and your health, that you'll NEVER go back to your old, self-sabotaging ways.  I'm here for you as support till you reach that point. 

Honest and clear and long-term support.

"Pain or inflammation of the digestive organs will reflex to the abdominals, leaving these important stabilizer muscles weak or disabled.  No matter how hard you train your abs in such a state, you will not achieve the flat tummy you most likely desire.  Once such digestive issues are addressed, you will look and feel better."

-eat in alignment with your body.