Welcome to Yelm's Yoga & Wellness Studio! 


Hi!  I'm Jessica, and I help people get their energy back and move with more ease with modern Yoga and Nutritional Balancing. 

 What you want is a clear, step by step plan that will actually work for YOU,   

based on where your body's really at, right now. I can help.


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Capt. Randy Cramer, USMCss: The Psionic Human: Fundmentals of Mental & Spiritual Self-Mastery

In this two-day Intensive held at the yoga studio, Randy will discuss various principles that govern the use of Psionics and some techniques for protecting the mind and body, discussion on meditation and some specific tools for harnessing ones maximum potential as a human being.

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BELLY DANCE with Moria Chappell 7-9pm

Moria's TRIBAL FUSION BELLY DANCE CLASSES are designed to emphasize muscular isolation and flexibility in concert with belly-dance technique as it applies to ATS, ITS, Fusion, World dance and beyond!

It’s Bellydance!  But different...

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HIP FOCUS! Deep Tissue Release with Yoga Balls 1-3pm

We use special Yoga Balls to slowly roll along the full length of muscles like a self-massage.  Many moments we will simply pause, focus, and breathe into a stress point, as you allow your body to melt over the ball.  This is a detailed and profound experience of tension release. This 2-hour workshop with Jessica will be all about your HIPS!

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FACE YOGA! Deep Tissue Release with Yoga Balls 1-3pm

Join us on our first-ever workshop with Jessica just about the alignment and tension release of your FACE! We’ll discuss and experience profound release in your TMJ, jaw, cranial bones. We’ll discuss proper tongue posture and neck alignment in order for your head to sit better on your shoulders!  Feel as though your face has been freed and lifted, as we pause on pressure points in your cheeks, temples, and even ears!



4 unique styles of thoughtfully designed classes to meet you where you are and to give you what you need to be centered, replenished, and grounded.  I offer safe guidance for any limitations.

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Get personalized support in a private setting to re-correct your posture and to work with specific conditions.  Experience deeper relaxation and a care, respect, and encouragement that matters.

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Remineralize and detox at the deepest biochemical level, using your body's mineral ratios as a guide forward.  Get long-term one-on-one support with new habits and lifestyle changes that you need.

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