Welcome to Yelm’s Yoga & Wellness Studio! 

 It’s never too late. Don’t give up on your body.

What you want is a clear, step by step plan that will actually work for YOU,   

based on where your body's really at, right now. We can help.


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YOGA CLASSES: 4 unique styles of thoughtfully designed classes to meet you where you are and to give you what you need to be centered, replenished, and grounded. 

We know that taking time out of your busy schedule for a yoga class may be the only time you have for YOU. To detach from the world, to de-stress, and to re-connect with yourself. Take this time.


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NUTRITIONAL BALANCING PROGRAM: A hair mineral biopsy tells us what’s happening in your cells: your metabolism, vitality, thyroid, adrenals, toxic metals, nutrient minerals. Understand your food cravings and symptoms perhaps for the first time.

The science is here to help you remineralize and detox at the deepest biochemical level.  This is a personalized and holistic deep healing and life extension program for modern times.


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ADVANCED BIOSTRUCTURAL CORRECTION: New to Yelm! We are excited to have Dr. Dirk Farrell, DC, at the studio on Thursdays from 4-7pm. Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC) is an effective method to correct posture, alignment, and neurological function from head to toe.

In your personal session, Dr. Dirk will release meningeal adhesions and correct bones out of place in your body in an anterior direction, which your body cannot self-correct on its own.