The Deluxe Program


4 Month

Personal Nutrition & Detox Program

with Jessica: $3800

What is included:

-two professional lab test kits for hair sampling: one for now, and the second one I'll send 3-4 months later

-initial HTMA (Hair Test Mineral Analysis) from Analytical Research Labs with printed interpretation: oxidation rate (metabolism), toxic metal levels in the tissues, vital mineral ratios and levels, and what this means for you

-personalized program set up by Dr Lawrence Wilson, the doctor I work with

-customized and private PDFs from me of your Nutrition and Detox Program, including:  Foods for Daily Use and meal plans, Foods for Occasional Use, Forbidden Foods, water, lifestyle, sleep, skin detox, toxic metals, product recommendations, and more

-Step-by-Step guidance of the best self-administering detoxification methods

-all recommended supplements are included; I will order them for you.  Supplements change based on each hair test, as the body detoxes and heals. 

-unlimited text support with Jessica; 30 minutes per week of phone or Skype 



-no scales

-no counting calories

-no green drinks

-no protein powder

-no all-raw foods

-no vegetarian

-no fad diets

-no fasting

-no extreme exercise

-no blood tests (a hair test measures the minerals that are IN the cells, not simply in the blood.  This is a big difference.)

-no "cheat days": this is to set you up for a lifestyle that works for you that you can maintain

-no random supplements based on symptoms, rather than what your biochemistry really shows

-no suppressing symptoms; healing will happen in its own way and time; symptoms go away in their own order of importance


-two of the most potent and anti-aging detoxification methods done at home

-not widely known nutritional principles, but THEY WORK because they are tailored to your hair mineral test that reveals where your body is really at

-weight loss in places where the body needs it, and the weight will stay off

-several precise daily supplements

-toxic metal readings and how to eliminate them from your immediate environment

-restoration of your digestion and absorption so you utilize what you eat

-balancing of your metabolism so you have the ability to manage your stress response better

-rebuilding your body so it has the vital energy to heal itself

-detoxification of toxic metals from all the body tissues, including the brain, to keep mental focus and acuity


This is the best program I've come across in my 15 years of studying holistic health, detox, and nutrition.

Jessica Whitney Personal Nutritional Balancing programs

Deep and permanent healing is the goal.  This happens because we biochemically master the stress response.  

This is a long-term supportive program that is always based on your periodic hair mineral test, every 4-5 months.  Your fundamental biochemistry will change