The Psionic Human: Fundametals of Mental and Spiritual Self-Mastery


NEW!  Now including the only telekinesis training to civilians in the world!

DEFINITION: PSIONICS. From the Greek, Psi, "the mind" and the suffix"-onics", meaning "waves".  Literally, your mind waves.

This 2 day class, taught by Capt Randy Cramer, USMCss is an intensive study of Psionics, the laws that govern them and how they are practiced and mastered.  We will be discussing the Physical Laws that govern Psionics, as well as the impact of brainwave patterns and the discussion of brainwave mastery and techniques of harmonizing your brainwave patterns. We will also discuss various principles that govern the use of Psionics and some techniques for protecting the mind and body, discussion on meditation and various techniques and some specific tools for harnessing ones maximum potential as a human being.

COST: $277.00

TIME: All classes are Saturday & Sunday 8am-8pm

WHERE: At the Fire Within Yoga Studio: 201 E Yelm Ave, third floor, Yelm, WA 98597

BRING: a notebook, pen, water bottle, lunch and snacks, and cushion to sit on.

PRE-REQUESITE: Please listen to the audio interviews below before you attend Randy’s class.

Upcoming Dates

May 25-26, 2019


What People Are Saying About Randy’s Classes

"I enjoyed the class: Psionics and Brain wave mastery. I learned quite a bit as it helped me to connect the dots between practices I have previously learned, and being presented with new ideas to incorporate practically into my life. Randy has a great sense of humor and takes his time presenting in-depth ideas and concepts. I would encourage others to take this class to learn these concepts, gain new skills and create new modes of self-care and mindfulness."  -M.G.

"Randy is a fantastic Teacher, well spoken and highly intelligent. The knowledge I gained in his Psionic Workshop is amazing and at times truly mind blowing. He is a fountain of knowledge and inspiration. I can highly recommend to at least do his workshop once (I went twice so far). You will go home with techniques that are powerful and easy to apply in everyday life. This is not a boring lecture. Prepare to be amazed!"  -T.M.

"I really want to 'grow up' and have galactic friends and new expansive adventures beyond this planet!  Randy's amazing and intensive workshop sent chills up and down my spine.  I have more acceptance now of my greater destiny.  It goes WAY beyond 'Disclosure' and into, 'OK HOW CAN I MOVE FORWARD, REALLY?'  It's worth it to travel to Yelm and bump your own destiny forward."  -J.W.

"Hello to all of you. I have spent several days with Randy and it's always been a joyful experience. He is extremely patient with a student and that's what I like about teachers. I wish I lived closer so I could continue with his classes. Take advantage of his knowledge his expertise and your life will change for the better." -J.A.