It's the end of your yoga class.


The final relaxation time.  It’s that sweetness after the last posture, where you lay down and surrender.  You feel radiant, secure, present.  Your thoughts fade away.

WHY?  To complete the yoga class.  To make it yours.  TO BRING IT TO YOUR DAY.  Through the principle that science knows now called neuroplasticity: this is to integrate the benefits and wire them in to your nervous system.  An opportunity to release and let go of whatever limitations were revealed during your class.

This is a window of time that brings you rewards immediately, and throughout your day, when you pause and slip into that space again:  Insights about how to take better care of yourself, renewed commitment to showing up for yourself, in the way that only you know how, but may have been sabotaging yourself and avoiding making those decisions.

At Fire Within Yoga, I don’t want you to leave the Yoga on the mat.  The world needs you.  At your best.  Let’s keep coming back to this state and keep wiring it!

See you in class!