4 Yoga Myths..and the TRUTH!

1. MYTH: Yoga is only for flexible people.

TRUTH: Any body is ready for Yoga! It is one of the best ways to start getting flexible and safely increase your range of motion. It’s never too late to start. There are many different kinds of Yoga, some more cardiovascular, some more gentle and relaxing. Modern Yoga classes welcome any body in any shape, to practice getting flexible and resilient!


2. MYTH: Yoga is too easy.

TRUTH: A Yoga class can be one of the most challenging things you can do! Why? You’re stretching and oxygenating muscles that have been tense for a long time. It is a humbling, yet empowering experience. Even gentle classes are designed to slowly and safely bring up hidden tension, as well as helping you alleviate your everyday, obvious discomfort.


3. MYTH: Yoga is Eastern, Religious, and New Agey.

TRUTH: While Yoga is based on postures discovered long ago, today’s Yoga classes are designed for YOUR body, right now. Modern yoga takes into consideration the stress of today, and does not include esoteric or confusing elements. It is a myth that yoga is a religion. Modern yoga accepts all bodies, from all belief systems.


4. MYTH: I need to do a vigorous Yoga class to lose weight.

TRUTH: Most of us are tired and depleted in our everyday life. Extremely vigorous exercise can further deplete the body. A great balance to an active lifestyle is a gentle Yoga class. Did you know that the body can get rid of excess weight better when you give it periods of deep relaxation? We need to teach the body to really rest again. Then you’ll have that energy to keep up with your lifestyle.

See you in class!