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You'll learn to focus, breathe better, and develop coordination.  This is the missing piece in your lifestyle for a more healthy body awareness.  A better relationship with your body.  Let's end that right now.  In order to move forward in your life and your health, you've got to start taking better care of your body.   


ATTN GRABBING HEADERS. "fire" words in headers.  then some text and a pic. melt tensions, blockages, adhesions. glow, radiance, kindle, build inner warmth and light and nourishment.  Be able to hold your light better.  warm room, friendly community.

-pause. aliveness. awareness.

I offer group and private...

-nutrition support.  I'll guide you to support your body better.

-clear brain fog: you'll leave each class feeling refreshed, centered, and grounded.

Fire Within Yoga Beginners Jessica Whitney

Feature 1

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At its core, resilience is the ability to handle stress and deal with adversity.  Through Fire Within Yoga, we develop a broader baseline of relaxation and release that can wire our brains to a deeper level within the limbic system and midbrain.  Given what is now being revealed through studies on ‘neuroplasticity’, that can set the stage for real neurological and biochemical change, allowing us to welcome challenges, get through them better, and live life with more joy, courage, and vitality.  The attention to and depth of our breathing is a key.  

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PUT CTAS HERE:  buttons to group classes, private classes, NB..... like a homepage, but more speaking toward the beginner aspect... -so you can go back to your life, calm and replenished.  After EVERY class.  No matter what's on your mind when you walk in the door, you'll emerge after your yoga class calm, centered, and replenished.  Grounded.