I help tense and stressed health-conscious people like you make time for self-care that works, so you show up for your day better.

Hey! I’m Jessica. Nice to meet you! I’ve seen so many people get so used putting everyone else first that they no longer even think about making time for themselves, or they feel guilty when they do. I’ve never seen that work (and I’ve done that, too!), because it simply leads to giving up on your own body. Stress wins, and then you feel like it’s too late to do anything for yourself.

I know what that’s like, because I was there. I’m here to remind you that in order to be great at what you do, and to have the best health, you have to give yourself time away from your life to detach and re-charge. I’ll guide you in my yoga classes to help you do that.

I used to do yoga classes and exercises that were fast, too hot, complicated, esoteric, competitive, and/or depleting to my body. I didn’t know it at first. But then I got clear signs that I was injured because I had stretched too much and pushed myself too far. I’m now committed to teaching you not to overstretch, overbreathe, or overextend yourself. All that intensity and extremism doesn’t make your body or your life better.

I love continuing to learn and applying that in my life. I continue to practice for myself a sustainable, holistic and natural lifestyle that works.

I’ve been teaching yoga since 2007. I opened Fire Within Yoga in 2016. I’ve helped hundreds of people around the Yelm area find their time to pause, detach, and re-charge.