Hi! I'm Jessica.  Get to know me a little more...

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I know what it is to struggle with self-sabotage when it comes to my own health, to search endlessly for the next quick-fix and try the latest diet or exercise plan.  I know what it is to feel ashamed that I cannot seem to stop my cravings and habits.  I've been there with chronic back pain, weight gain, inflammation, and depression. 

For years I've been committed to natural and holistic health methods, but I've felt let down by not getting the results that I wanted.  I know what it is to need long-term guidance, direction, and support with my health, and not find it.  


What I came to realize, after my Certifications in Yoga Teaching in 2007, and research into holistic health since 2004, is that unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation and myths on the internet and among well-meaning practitioners.  

How can I say this?  I came to realize that yoga done in an overheated room, and excessive stretching and pushing, can damage the connective tissue and joints of the body, which has a depleting effect energetically and biochemically.  I experienced this, after practicing and teaching Hot Yoga for several years.  I was injured doing yoga, not knowing how out of balance my body really was.  Just exercise was not the answer.  And just a "healthy" diet was not the answer, either.

In 2011 I experienced that more gentle yoga does much more in terms of long-term, sustainable results for the body.  When I learned that permanent weight loss cannot happen when the body is stressed, and that the body cannot detoxify when stressed, a light bulb went on for me.  I realized that all this push for extreme exercise and short-term fad diets is an outdated paradigm.  It simply does not work long-term.  What I wanted for myself was a sustainable exercise and lifestyle plan that I could see myself doing for years.  And when faced with my own serious health concerns, I had to stop my quick-fix mentality.  

My business Fire Within Yoga & Wellness has evolved since I created it in 2014.  I design my current classes and workshops with this sustainability and long-term vision in mind.  Many of us have become used to having our stress response turned on, all the time.  I focus on guiding my clients to calm the stress response, even in my more active classes.

When I found Nutritional Balancing and Development Science in 2016, and saw where my body was really at, this hit home.  Much of the "healthy" foods and habits I was doing were not making a difference in my health, and in fact many of them were making me worse.  I learned a lot and un-learned a lot, and have been on my personalized nutrition, detox, and lifestyle program for over three years now.  It has changed my life, and through periodic hair mineral tests, I see how my biochemistry has been transforming, as old traumas and mineral deficiencies are being healed. And that’s it. The traumas, deficiencies, and toxicities are being healed. Permanently. Something I gave up on at one point in my life.  There is a real calm that I feel when I know that I am supporting my body with the nutrition, yoga, and detox protocols that my body really needs.  What I teach and coach people, I live and practice in my own life.  

I'll support you with effective classes and programs so that you can manage stress better in your life.  I love seeing my clients develop a more compassionate, honest, and grounded relationship with their body.  It's time for you, now!  Don’t give up on your body!