Welcome to Downtown Yelm's Yoga Studio! 


Hi!  I'm Jessica, and I help people get their energy back and move with more ease with transformational Yoga, Nutrition, and Detox programs. 

Do you feel depleted and fatigued, regardless of eating "healthy" foods and exercising?

Are you overwhelmed by the contradictory holistic health advice on the internet?  

Are cravings, back pain, and inflammation draining your focus and mood?

Are you ready for a deeper level of support to hold you accountable to really making the changes you need?


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What you want is a clear, step by step plan that will actually work for YOU,   

based on where your body's really at, right now.


There is a big change in the world of exercise, nutrition, and wellness. 

It is becoming known that vigorous exercise, fad diets, and random supplement and detox methods may be making people worse.  You may be unknowingly depleting your minerals and your energy from your glands and nervous system, setting you up for unintended future problems.  It's time for a wellness revolution: people getting results without overdoing it.  As a practitioner in the field of yoga and wellness for over a decade, and observing and coaching hundreds of students, I stand up for this new paradigm of removing these unsustainable, outdated methods and mindsets.  You deserve what works.  

I want you to honor and respect your body. 

What you'll get from me:  I'm committed to compassionately support you to develop a better relationship with your body, breath by breath, so you can begin to handle stress better in your body, and in your life.  This is why I offer practical, safe, and effective yoga classes that support your body with deep breathing, a relaxed and grounded focus, in a noncompetitive atmosphere to avoid overstretching and overexertion.  I offer scientifically based Nutritional Balancing programs that use your own body's feedback to give us the roadmap to effectively change your biochemistry at the deepest level.  

You've come to the right place.  Here are my 3 offerings to you.


4 unique styles of thoughtfully designed classes to meet you where you are and to give you what you need to be centered, replenished and grounded.  I offer safe guidance for any limitations.

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Get personalized support in a private setting to re-correct your posture and to work with specific conditions.  Experience deeper relaxation and a care, respect, and encouragement that matters.

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Remineralize and detox at the deepest biochemical level, using your body's mineral ratio map as a guide forward.  Get long-term one-on-one support with new habits and lifestyle changes that you need.

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